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Another way to speed up play is to have a bit of pre tournameny thought into what courses who playd where. For example, as I have suggested in years past. You get a group of about 12 courses and these are used solely for the purpose of the high handicapper. You then request from these courses that they cut the fairways a little wider and the rough a little lower. As we all know high handicappers don’t hit the ball straight and there is nothing worse than 6 and a 1/2 hour round looking for balls in heavy rough. Not saying that they should get crapy courses, there should be several A quality courses in their rotation but save some of them for all of the higher flighted age divisions with the request to make the course easier for them to get around in I timely manner. I recall several years back that a high handicap friend played nearly a 7 hour round on a tough tough course with the low round of the day being 107. He stated to me “we had no business being on a course like that”

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