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Glenn Foster

Hello Bob,
The World Am is the only tournament golf I play every year. Just don’t play in the local things and I get dinged for it when handicaps are established for it in M.B., so I will have to defer to your experience in speeding up play in your organizations. I just don’t see a true improvement in our groups whether they are 3-4 in it.
I still haven’t had a sub 5 hr round since we went to 3-some format; never, and that was a couple of years ago on the last day. It’s just the nature of the thing where so many are trying their best, afraid of making a mistake, rules mistake mostly? I try to be an easy going cartmate/golfer always.
I’m not a rules person so I will keep up with the changes and try to give my opinion if someone asks what they should do, but it’s a group/field integrity consensus or play 2 balls thing & take it to the clubhouse afterwards before I argue with someone. These seem to continue and the 9 stroke maximum thing they did last year, made a difference to maybe 5-6 holes last year. No real difference in 72 holes really to any group we had last year. I appreciate the committee willing to try innovative ways to increase the pace of play. I can play in less than 2 hrs. easily by myself on a course. The laborious pace of play effects me as I’m 63 years old and hate people not being prepared to play when it’s their turn. That being said, everyone payed to play and it’s their tournament too. I would never say anything to throw folks off their game. I just tolerate it, zone out until it’s my turn.( A slow player can play with anybody, but a faster player hates the slow players.)
Anybody that’s ever played with me will tell you, if I take 45 seconds to hit after I’m at my ball, that would be a record!(lol)

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