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Bob Newman

I just got back from MB today. Only ok played twice, Rivet Club, which I play just about every year and have never found it not to be in excellent shape. Also played The International Club for the first time and out was a great course. Wrote a mask in the clubhouse at both locations. Could have had a single cart at each course but elected to ride son-in-law. Beach in Surfside was as crowded as I have ever seen it. Overall traffic was light (except for the bikers), restaurants were open but didn’t have usuals crowds (IMO), parking lots not full. Most all stores have a sign stating Wear a Mask, but most not enforcing it. Went in PGA SUPERSTORE and was only about 5 customers, I got tired of glasses fogging up, so I removed mine but never got within 6 ft of anyone. I don’t plan on wearing one on the course, and I plan on practicing social distances, but that of hard to do while on the green.

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