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I will be down there regardless. If they do cancel it, very much doubting they will, but they will have to give us a few weeks notice and everything looks like a go for Aug 15th handicap submission.


If the worst comes to the worst I am shore those still attending the are would be able to play of a plethora of courses. That being said, I will be prepared to organize some form of competition for those interested limited to about 24 players.

Most of you know me and have a good idea on how I run things to make it interesting and fun for all. So I dont see any problem with setting something like this up, but I personally dont see this happening as all of the courses are hurting for players and they will not turn 2000 potential green fees away.

Being the fact that everything will be done on line, 3somes and tee times, I dont see a problem just the evening entertainment will be a bit restricted

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