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Tommy Briggs

Bob I would be willing to bet we end up with the same number of courses as in years past.
Assuming we go to one golfer per cart (which is what every other association I know of has done), we would need to accommodate twice as many golfers as normal. At a bear minimum one golfer per cart is the what I am sure every course and more importantly attorney has told the WA they need to do to protect themselves from a liability standpoint.

We may only have 2150 registered, the WA will need to accommodate 4300 “carts” which is almost a thousand more than in any recent year. Like I said before less golfers, the same number of courses, tee times and the fact these courses have already “booked” the times that week would lead me to believe it is too late to take a chance on locking the WA out to try to bring in regular play.

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