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Bob Newman

Rick, it most certainty comes to mind. That course was not fit to play. I asked the Pro after the round if he was actually going to charge the WA for us playing that day. He asked what was wrong with the course and I told him. Even offered to go ride and show him all the bare lies in the landing areas of the fairways, etc. The sad thing is that course still shows up on promo’s for beach golf, and I send in a review about it that stays up about 30 minutes. There are plentey of outstanding courses on the Strand that we should not have to play the bad ones. I do not expect all to be Calendona, Tidewater. True Blue Internation, Preswick, Pawleys Plantatation , Rive Club, The Dunes, Pine Lakes, TPC, Willbrook, etc. but , some need to be eliminated. I feel like we pay for premium golf courses and we should get better. And once again I will state, these courses are not telling the STAFF of there condition. I will play on whatever they put me own and try my best to enjoy it, but i will let the home course know if they take advantage of us.
Thanks Rick, my blood pressure is now thru the roof. I am not buying you a beer now and you owe me 2. haha–see yu soon

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