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Tommy Briggs

Bob I understand what you are saying. However back to my point there are only two ways to control the quality of the courses, There are not three options. So which one do you propose?

I am okay with limiting the feild, raise the price and limit the field to the first 2,500. The value of the tournament increases when you turn people away. Just like the restaurant you can’t get a reservation for, it makes you want to go even more. I would pay an extra fifty if I knew I was going to play four great courses. Now you can control where you play.

We have to play the bad ones because if you drop one you have to replace it with another. There are only so many premium courses willing to give us four days. So option two, increase the entry fee and pay the courses more so they want us there because they make money on us. Increase the entry fee so you can pay the courses more and you have the money to pay four premium courses.

The reason why many courses don’t have any attendants, and we have to pay for range balls is because we are getting a nice discount at many courses to play there. The fee for those lesser quality courses balance the course budget with the cost for premium courses. Consequently there is no money for any normal frills. (Like free range balls) The WA is the only golf tournament I play in where I pay for range balls.

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