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Joe – 53 courses is not the number you want to utilize to divide. It will be no more than 72 players at a course. We’ll use around 30 courses per day depending on the final number. Not each course is used every day. So final number of players / X number of courses per day = 70-72 players per rotation.

On a separate note we are hopeful the need to have range balls pre-placed this year will allow us to continue this concept moving forward and not have to ask you to pay for range balls in any future years as well.

We will never ‘sell out’ World Am. Our mission is to market our golf courses at a cost effective price and any course who wants to host is welcome to! The event is a break even marketing tool and we try to put our best foot forward to you return for many years to come whether it’s at a tournament or a normal golf vacation.

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