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Denny Burch

I haven’t had a course in really poor condition since the 90s at the WA. I will admit Founders was rough around the edges about 5 yrs ago, but even then the greens were ok. The days of bare greens *and* fairways at Deer Track, or wire grass so long on the tee you couldn’t take your club back easily at Heron Point are in the rear mirror, as is Wedgefield. No need to complain about Founders as it is not in the rota this year according to the WA website. Occasionally you might get issues in August with the few MB greens left that are non-bermuda, but even that is rare. This will be my 28th straight WA, and have played in 12 other Golf Holiday tourneys recently (the March Championship and Fall Classic) and have had only one course that partially lost its greens in the last 20 years, and that was Tigers Eye a couple years ago after a tough winter in early March.

One note about the use of the 52 courses listed on the website; they do not use all of them every day of the tourney, which is why you see more courses listed than used each day.

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