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Had the perfect scenario to ???? on Tuesday nights league. Opponent blades a chip from off the green and it strikes the flag half way up. It then falls directly down wrapping up in the lower pin positioning flag, then gently falls into the cup with minimal force where upon it hits the noodle which is 2.5 inches from the bottom, but totally below the surface, then bouncing back up and sits on the lip overhanging the hole.

The question was asked if it was holed. My entire group (myself, partner, opponents partner) all agree the ball would have been holed it the hole was noodleless. We conceded the hole and inquired later as to the ruling. It was rules to be holed if in all evidence and reasonable doubt the ball was holed and the noodle caused the ejection the ball shall be holed.

Is there going to a definite rule to cover all circumstances this year. Must the ball remain in the hole regardless of what happens to be holed

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