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Rick Kimbrell

I don’t see me running skins this year. First of all, I wouldn’t even bother doing skins with reduced numbers in the flights unless I ran it for both flights combined. I am pretty sure teeing off on both 1 and 10, it will be one flight off #1 and the other flight off #10…only makes sense. So I would have to have someone I trust to handle cash in the other flight…hmmm…not to many I trust to begin with and trusting them to handle up to $3600 in cash, not lose it, etc…just not interested. And, if that person gets the money stolen (happened last year) and I am the guy running the skins game…the players will want to hold me responsible.
The logistics of tee times, not knowing what your own tee time will be until Sunday before we start playing, possibility of going of early and needing to get money collected after I have teed off, having someone to help you in the other flight on opposite tee box, when do they tee off, what about people behind them….does not look promising. And, we are talking about a lot of money…probably not quite this much but possibly up to $7200 total. Last year in the 2 flights I ran skins for, the total pot for the week was in excess of $5000. I never hit balls, I never practiced and never let the cash out of my sight.
Call me old and grumpy but I think people will be looking for ways to get their hands on some of the money this year…and I don’t mean by playing and making birdies.

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