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Mike Hammer

I know many like to participate in the skins games. I know last year, I started with a 9, was 18 over after 8 holes, then birdied number 9, birdied 2 holes on the back and walked away with $300+. So, not so great for the tournament, but not a bad day.

After reading the posts regarding skins game logistics with tee times and the reluctance to organize skins games from veterans, I thought I would propose a couple of ways that they could happen without too much of a burden on the organizers. Both require a little help (either from course pros or the committee).

The description below is admittedly long and detailed, but I hope it sparks some additional ideas and discussion so we can make the skins games happen.

• 1 skins game per flight pair (one game for combined flights at a course)
• Pay in advance for all days – no getting in after the first day, must participate all
• Cost and game rules determined by flight organizer
• Process requires organizer to be at the course early on day one and late on the last day.
On middle days, organizer only has to process scores (alternative 1). Alternative 2 –
organizer just has to stay late the last day.
• May require some participation from host courses. Committee clear the way?

Process (alternative 1 – help from course pros):
1) August 19th – Flights assignments made (requires committee to beat published latest date
for course assignments which they usually do)
2) August 21st – Those interested in running skins email the committee.
3) August 22nd – Committee selects organizer (first person to volunteer per flight pair).
4) August 23rd – Committee sends list of flight pair organizers along with their email
addresses to all participants (or posts on the website).
5) August 26th – Participants email organizer to register for the skins game in their flight
6) August 30th – Organizers create and print out participant list.
7) August 31st, 1 hour before first tee time – Organizer gives list and container for
collecting money to course pro. Pro collects money and checks off participants who have
8) August 31st, after round. Organizer collects checked-off list and money from pro. Those
with birdies or better send photo (text or email) of official card with birdies/eagles
circled (1 or 2 circles) to organizer (NLT 6 pm). Organizer determines winning skins,
makes envelopes with winnings, and emails winners of their success.
10) September 1st, organizer gives previous day envelopes to pro. Winners collect winnings
from pro either before or after round (depending on if organizer has early or late tee
time). Those with birdies or better send photo of official card with birdies/eagles
circled (1 or 2 circles) to organizer. Organizer determines winning skins, makes
envelopes with winnings, and emails winners of their success.
11) September 2nd – Same process as September 1st.
12) September 3rd – Same process except organizer and those with birdies/eagles stay late to
determine and distribute/receive winnings.

Process (alternative 2 – help from committee) – basically, the same process as above with the following exceptions:
1) Organizers are selected as above and create rule sheets for their games.
2) Organizers provide rules for their skins game to committee.
3) Committee includes skins game enrollment during tournament registration (rules
available). Participants who want in sign up and pay during registration at the
Superstores (eliminates course pros from having to collect money).
4) Organizers collect skin game rosters and money from Committee at the Convention Center
after Monday’s round.

For both alternatives, the committee would need to contact course pros and request/describe the assistance required.

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