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Mike Hammer

The committee does have some extra work for either alternative. But they probably have ways to make it easier that what is described. For example, they could post the flight rosters and put out a message asking people to check this blog for how to enter the skins game. Then those who want to run skins can take it from there (for example, start a topic “Skins game – flights 8 and 9). There is more up front work for the organizer, but less on-course work so they can focus on their games during the tournament. Anyway, just trying to suggest ways to get around the issues. Without some extra help from the committee and course pros, the minimum alternative is for an organizer to be there early on day 1 and stay late on all the days. If they get unlucky and have one of the Barefoots or Wild Wing, that could be a ridiculously long day that, like someone already suggested, would probably result in no interest for volunteers.

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