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Rick Kimbrell

Raymond Blank, I have never had a round where no one won a skin BUT my rules have been as follows….
If no skin was won on day 1, 2, or 3 the money from that day(s) is added to the payout for the next day and so on.
Now, let’s say no one wins a skin on the 4th day….I would put all the names playing in a hat, draw out 3 names and they split whatever the pot is.
A few things to mention….
I would never withhold part of someone’s winnings just because that player did not pick up his money (that has been done by someone who currently professes to run skins games…not mentioning any name).
I do not take a cut out of skins pot (that has also been done by some that runs skins)
I do not get free entry into the skins game because I am running it (that has been done by some that runs skins)
If someone wins a skin and has left the course on day 4 and I have no way to hand them their money…I will contact WA and ask for that person’s email address. I contact that person and get his mailing address, write him a check, mail it to him. Alternatively, I can put the money in his Paypal account if he so desires.

I have had guys win a skin and give me a tip.
I have had guys win a skin and buy me a drink.
I have had guys who didn’t win a dime buy me a drink just because I ran the skins.
I have had guys win a skin (both huge and small), take the money, turn their back, walk away and not say one word to me. At the least, a thank you would have been nice. I just assume it is a character flaw and move on.
I don’t expect a tip or drink but if I get one, I will thank you.

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