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Rick Kimbrell

Mike Hammer, I explained above how I have run skins in my flights. The courses themselves have never had anything to do with whether or not there is a skins game on any given day on their course. If a participant(s) do not run a game…there is no game. And, we don’t get a lot of help, if any, from the courses. Can’t blame them. Once people start coming in after the round, they have a job to do getting the scores entered for WA scoring.
Also, here is how it has worked in the past, granted we are in new situation this year.
I sit someone in the grill area with a list of everyone who has paid for skins.
People come up to me, tell me they had a birdie (or better) on hole such and such. I write their name down by that hole. If someone comes in and says they had birdie (or better) on that same hole, I write their name down and X out that hole. If someone else comes in with same hole, I simply say it is covered and do nothing to track who else or how many cover it up.
Again, in all my years of doing skins…have never had a day where at least 1 skin was not won. Sure it could happen.
So, to split the money for each hole, you would have to track every person who made a birdie. Some people come in, look at the sheet, see their hole is already covered and walk away not telling me anything
I do this in the most very simplistic method you can do. I print out a list of players who are playing on each course I am playing (2 flights) by flight. Only do that so it is easier to find their name. They tell me they want in skins, I collect their money and mark them down as paid, shove the money in a bag. Remember, there is not a lot of time before we tee off to do a whole lot of work (as it was in the past). Also, it prevents me from getting to warm up before I tee off.
Then I basically have a sheet for every day with the course name and numbers 1 thru 18 on it where I record whatever is reported to me.
I check with the pro shop to make sure everyone has turned in their official scorecard so I know that no one else is going to show up. Then I determine who won what for that day. If you are there you get paid.
One thing I have to tell everyone every year. I am not associated with the WA, I don’t have access to your scorecard. If you don’t tell me you had a birdie or better, I have no way of knowing. If you lost out on getting paid because you did not let me know…SORRY. You should have known better. I do my best to announce that, if the pro will let me, when he is going over the rules.

I am sure there are more sophisticated ways of doing this but I get nothing if I don’t win a skin myself. No cut, no free entry…NADA. With shotgun start as in the past, I generally get to the course 1-1/2 hours early and I was generally there 2 hours or more after I finished play myself. So, at the course between 7 and 7:30am and finally get to leave between 3:30 and 4pm.
I have software that could do this but I carry enough crap without having to take more electronics with me to the course and have the chance of it being stolen.

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