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Rick Kimbrell

Bob, the logistics of running it this year just seems to be more than I am willing to take on
The larger tournament league I play in went thru similar because of COVID to what we will have at this years WA with people teeing off on 1 and 10. Since we control who goes off at what tee time, it was a little easier for us. One officer was in the last group on #1 and another officer was in the last group of #10. We collected money, checked people off playing and whether or not they were participating in our overall skins pot.
With the WA, we don’t control our tee time and since I will be playing in a totally different flight this year, I probably don’t know anyone in the other flight playing there I would trust with money I ultimately would be responsible for. And, if you did each flight separately, considering you only get about 50 to 60% participation, maybe 18 or 20 player…it just is not worth it to spend that many hours there for 4 days for such a small payout. I could change my mind but for now…not interested.

Skins guy’s comments should be short and sweet. “See me, remember who I am, find me after round if you think you have a winner. You don’t come see me, you cannot win regardless of what you made on a hole.”

  • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by Rick Kimbrell.
  • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by Rick Kimbrell.

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