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Denny Burch

Mike Hammer – thanks for contributing an idea. As you have read, the players have always ran and participated in these skins games outside of tournament and pro shop administration. As Rick said, the only thing that sometimes the pro will do is announce a “last call” for the skins guy, or let him make a short statement about what he needs to verify your potential skins.

I can’t speak for all flights, but since they went to 2 flights and 96 players per course in 2009, our games included both flights in one game. Steve Harsch has done a good job the last couple years when he has been at my courses. If I recall, we had at least 70 players signed up last year, so the skins are popular with most of the players, at least in the mid-senior 8 to 10 index range. The best part is that it gives players something else to play for if they play poorly and are out of contention quickly. One year I played with a guy who had shot over 100 twice before the last day, but hit a skin for over $500 the last day. Those are the kind of moments that make you want to come back..

Hopefully those who want to run skins games will post on this thread when they get their course assignments in two weeks, including their Monday tee time. Not all will see it, but those that do can adjust their course arrivals/departures if they want to play. If they miss Monday they can figure it out and sign up on a subsequent day.

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