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I was going to hold off on saying anything until later but I suppose I can throw in my 2 cents worth. Now most of you know that I have run fantasy golf and NFL leagues for the past 10 years and have given awsy over $100k in cash so I am one to be trusted. With the skins I have previously taken upon myself the task to do world AM skins in previous years but have not attended for the last few years. I make my return but I am unaware what flight I will be in as for the restrictions to 36 players per flight. I will possibly be 50-60 group 9.4 hcp. So I will wait until we see what particular flight I have. That being said been a said if someone is running skins in those flights I do not want to step on any toes, go for it over best, but I will be here to give you a hand in any way possible. If no one wants to do skins for those particular Flightd I will take upon the task myself so I suppose it is just a waiting game until way find out exactly what flight we have been position and then it will be an open forum to say who wants to run it and who doesn’t. Everyone stay safe see you soon

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