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This is how I would run the skin pot. Cost of $20 a day for the first 3 days then $40 on the final day. … $100 for the week. The final day would include a $5 side pot for a last man standing pool section.
To begin I would have to signs made up and place them on the 1st and 10th hole with my cell number and cost of entering. Those players who do not get to see may must text their intentions to play prior to their tee time (time dated ) I will attempt to collect all skin money up until the time of my Tee time. players after that would then have to go by text message with the money to be collected at the end of play where I would be waiting in the clubhouse. All birdies to be recorded must do 1 of 2 things. Firstly they either stay until I’m there to record your birdie or text your birdie to my cell and to be verified before any monies will be paid out. If all birdies have are caught on the final day then I will cap the skins to $100 each and randomly drawer from all of the occupants and pay them out evenly. Thid is because it would be too difficult to verify all other ways in fairness.
In relation to the last man standing if we get a pool of eg. 32 players the 1st day in the skin poy then the top 16 and ties best nett score would advance to the 2nd day. The top 8 net scores and ties advancing to the 3rd day. with the final 4 advancing to the last day with the best 2 net scores playing out example $125 – $75. Just a little side pot fun.

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