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Dale Craig

I’ve run the skins the last 3 years for the flights at my courses and sympathize with the guys running them this year. Unfortunately I won’t be attending this year, but had a thought for the guys who do run them this year. I don’t know if it is feasable, but if Scott or someone on the WA staff were able to provide email addresses to the guys in the 2 flights at the courses, then maybe it would be possible for the skins guy to send an email to all players as soon as the flights are announced and maybe get the people who want to get in to at least commit that way. I would also absolutely require payment only for the whole week. That is always the most frustrating part I’ve ever had to deal with. The same guys only wanting to pay 1 day at a time. They never seem to understand that I’m a player too and would like to not have to spend an hour or more every day getting the day payers in.

Have fun and see y’all next year.

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