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Scott Greenwell

Carlos, the double-bogey net only affects the score that is logged against your handicap. It doesn’t lower your actual score.

Let’s say with your handicap you get two strokes on every hole… and (worst case) you maxed out by making a 9 on every hole. Your total score would be–(9×18=162)

162 would be your gross World Am Tournament score. (That would have to be a record! 🙂

The score you would enter in the handicap system would be based on a net double bogey max so you could only take a 7 on par threes, an 8 on par 4s, and the par 5s would remain at 9.

Assuming a standard course with 4 par threes and 10 par 4s you would adjust the score on those holes before entering the total score into the handicap system. 8 strokes total for the par threes and 10 strokes for the par 4s.

162 minus 18 strokes = 144. This is the score that would count toward your handicap.

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