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Raymond Blank

Here is what you need to know!!
The course you play has a rating. Say 69.6/119. What you shoot on the course reflects your handicap. Each course you play is different. You score is put in a machine set up to calculate what you shoot to the course rating.
What it doesn’t do is calculate the weather(wet/dry) and yardage !!
I shot 94-91-79-88. Everyone on day 3 shot well. I have never shot lower than 83 . I got into a grove and was hitting the ball better than I ever had. Played 400 yards shorter. Got adjusted. And finished ( I think 5)
Forget about all that!! Do as I am going to do. Meet your friend and hopefully meet new ones and have fun for 4 (5 if ya get lucky) play your best and hope you have a good round of golf.

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