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Rick Kimbrell

Good list put together by Ken. FWIW, I use a 18 x 10 x 10 carry on duffle bag. Things that go in it instead of my suitcase is anything I want to use on the plane. Also, I put my rain jacket in that bag. Nothing worse that getting on a plane in short sleeve shirt for 2 or 3 hours and feeling like they are hanging meat in it somewhere. I put a change of clothes in it for 1 day in case my luggage is lost or delayed. Included in it are pair of golf shoes, my golf electronics and probably a dozen balls. Oh…and my laptop. The golf shoes, electronics and balls are in case my golf bag goes missing, I can rent clubs and play. I check a suitcase and my golf clubs in soft travel cover.

If you have not played in the WA before, be prepared to play in rain. They don’t stop play just because it is raining. Unless lightning in the area of the course is so wet it has become unplayable…you will keep playing. It is prime time tropical weather season when this tournament is held. Personally I find an umbrella to be useless and a hassle to deal with. I never owned good rain gear until I had to play in pouring rain during the WA. After that round ended, I was at Martin’s (now PGA Superstore) buying Goretex jacket and pants.

And, if you usually don’t play in the rain, if you get a chance and it is raining where you normally play…go play to get a feel for what it can be like.

Most of all…let yourself have a good time when you get to MB, even if you find you cannot come close to playing to your handicap.

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