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Aaron Ellis

Lions Paw….hmmm let me say it like this, I wouldn’t let my cattle and goats out to eat on the junk they have, the pro made an excuse about the abundance of rain in the last few weeks….why do you have weeds that are over ankle high in the bunkers, bunkers didn’t look like they’d been touched in weeks, weeds in places that were knee deep, how about some roundup, if you can survive playing at Lions Paw you can definitely survive Covid!!! I’ve never in my 7 years ever encountered a course this bad, Lions Paw makes places like Crown Park, Colonial Charters, Azalea Sands, Beachwood, Hackler (which is nice now), look like gems! A lady in the parking lot said she lived there and we’re members and was ashamed of the place! We had casual water on the greens like they’d watered them haha! Long Story Short…..The Big Cats Have Used Up Their 9 Lives!!!

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