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Speaking for Justin, Justin Eldred shot 99 today at Pawleys Plantation. The winner of the flight shot 92. In flight 10? I shot 90 as a 6 handicap in my flight there a few years back. I was in 2nd place and only dropped to 5th in my flight. I think it was 3. My nephew gets DQ’d for 87 at Diamond Back. Andrew Stephens wins the flight with a 92 net 69? Sorry….. that’s more statistically impossible than my nephews 87. My nephew feels a little better knowing the fact that he wouldn’t have won his flight even if they didn’t adjust him. Why does the World Am DQ honest people? You really should rethink your thought process of allowing the computer to spit out DQ’s and start asking the players that play with them what they think. Justin talked with several of the guys in his flight and they all said that was a B.S. move on the WA’s part. He would have finished tied for 2nd which means he would have ended up with the 5th place spot because of the other guys coming from behind losing the tie breaker. This is why people don’t come back for this event. While others throw strokes intentionally on the course so they avoid the adjustment or watch list. And we all know it happens. Several people I talked to seen it happen and admittedly told me they did it themself. All you can do is laugh about it even though others won’t see it that. All i know is in my flight over the years when you get to the single didget handicaps its hard to do that…. well at least in the 49 and under anyways.

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