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Chris Sterner

Hello Justin’s Lawyer/Uncle,

As an esquire, you might be unaware of how golf handicaps work, as I don’t believe they are a required part of passing the bar in any state. Although they might want to add that in FL, SC, and MI. That said, you must have a firm understanding of logic and reasoning.

A golf handicap of 21.6 indicate a golfer, who at their very BEST, is capable of shooting somewhere between 95-100. Golf handicaps ignore the highest scores, taking the lowest 8 differentials of the golfers last 20 rounds, and averaging them. They might have some 25 or 28’s differentials, but those are ignored for the Justin’s best scores, which according to him before the tournament, put him at a 21.6.

Justin’s 87 at Diamondback was on a course and at a teebox the USGA has rated a 71.2 and sloped at 133. That score differential is a 13.4, or 8.2 better than his handicap. The USGA recommends any scores over 7 differentials better than a players handicap bs thrown out, as the odds of them occurring are astronomical. So tell your client Justin to either buy a lotto ticket this week, or stop bullshitting his handicap.

Cheers, and we’ll see you next year!

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