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Raymond Blank

Guys Guys
Y’all need to stop 🛑
The people that run the world am do a fantastic job.
I played in flight 42. Now mind you I only played 9 rounds of golf this year and shot horribly
My handicap is 15 and I shot some awesome rounds this year. LOL
A 91,91,91,98 WHOO Hoo!!!!
I come to this tournament to meet new people and maybe make a few friends
On the last day we had (I Think) 10 or 12 people shoot anywhere from a net 66 to even par72. By the way. Congrats to Mr. John Sear? For winning and playing on Friday for all the marbles. Good luck my friend. I will be watching the live board to see how you do. Thanks to All at world am and see y’all next year. Ray

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