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Lindy Sullivan

Kind of an ignorant suggestion, we are all adults and it is an election year.. During an election year adults talk about politics sometimes.. Reasonable adults have opinions on sports, weather, business and yes even political issues.. We live in a free society last time I checked. If we have to ban Trump hats or Biden hats or whatever, where does it end? Should we ban cowboys hats because I don’t like them and I like the Eagles? If it is too stressful for you to play golf on a beautiful morning in your own cart because you are worried someone is going to bring up political issues, well I don’t even know what to tell you… however as an adult I’ve been able to have reasonable conversations with many people about many different topics.. I have friends on both sides of many issues, And we have had conversations, and debates, but in the ends we are still able to move on as friends without being hurt or offended to the point where we are too worried or stressed out to function.

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