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You can’t us ed a probability chart on a player that is only a little over 2 years into the game. That’s ignorant. Your handicap isn’t the same every day of the year is it? Justin told me after day one, these guys suck as bad as I do. He meant that respectfully of course. He got really comfortable playing here. It helps to play better the more relaxed you can get. This is his 2nd and last World Am. He shot 99 today. I told him to play it out and he did. I gave him some incentive. Told him I’d buy him steak dinner if he broke 100. BTW he would have finished 5th in his flight. Who cares that much about a $50 gift card? Makes a whole lot of sense to pay $500+ to win a $50 gift card. And you really think he would cheat to do that?

I will tell you one thing we learned during this trip. Justin is the best 21.6 bunker player in the world! He got out of every bunker he went into this week. I use to tell him get rid of that 60 degree wedge. Now I’m telling him don’t ever pull that club out for another one. We hardly even have bunkers here at home. I know for a fact he doesn’t practice it.

Probability charts? Your really not allowed to shoot better here at the World Am? That’s not really your thinking process, is it? You will never come close to winning your flight with that kind of thinking. You lost before you even started. Stay in your box, boys. These charts are for a perfect world where no one will ever get better or hopefully worse. Complete crap. You know they finally changed some rules for the betterment of the game. DQ an honest player for shooting the round of his life isn’t in the best interest of the game. I guess the only guy here that deserved to win played in the gross flight. The rest of us must be cheaters.

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