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Chris Sterner

As someone who completed their 2020 World Am by shuffling around Lion’s Paw on Thursday, I know the staff tried their best during this week to combat the course and make it presentable. That being said, the course is an abysmal catastrophe, that should have probably never been selected for World Am play.

The untouched bunkers filled with weeds, rough that was more thick crabgrass than Bermuda, and fairways so fluffy you could sleep on them made for the least enjoyable round of golf this week, and probably my World Am career. In fact, upon completion of the round, I asked one of my fellow golfers “this or Crown’s Park?” as we recently played CP in the last 4 years.

I must say, in discussion with one of the cart wranglers, he confessed to us that the course is in the shape it is in due to the Big Cat courses currently sharing 8 maintenance workers between the courses. Most people know you need 8-10 per course to keep a course in playable shape, so this explains a great deal how the courses got into the condition they are currently. It also paints a grim picture for the future of the big cats courses, so perhaps this might be the last time we get to complain about them. Hopefully they take the advice suggested earlier by Mike Sterner and consolidate their operations into playable courses.

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