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Jim Kavanagh

I wonder if the WA is using the analytics provided by Dean Knuth, the pope of slope, when making some of these handicap adjustments? I seem to recall that his work was counted on to ferret out the possible handicap cheaters, but not every outrageous score is a result of handicap cheating. It should take more than one outlier out of three or four to DQ a player, except, possibly, in the finals at the Dye Course.

If my index is 6.0 and the course ratings are around 70 as they usually are for us, then there is some number that would indicate that I am playing beyond the potential of a 6.0 index. Let’s say I shoot 72, 78, 81, 73. It is, according to Knuth, statistically doubtful that I could put together a 72 and 73 within a span of four rounds. Four rounds of 76, right on par with a rating of 70 and an index of 6.0, would also be very doubtful.

It seems like there were more than the usual number of handicap complaints this year. Perhaps the Committee changed their methodology.

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