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Raymond Blank

Mr Paul. I dont know exactly how the handicap system works the last day of flight 42. There were several players that neted 66,67. Now the way I see it. Next year these players should move to a lesser handicap. The new world handicap system ( if I read it correctly) says that a golfer (say in my flight 14 to 16 HC) should not be able to shoot 6 or 7 stroke under par. Saying that I know next year those players will be playing in a flight of the 2 lowest scores at the world am tournament. I don’t understand why those players were not adjusted Thursday after the round. I shot a 79 and got adjusted in 2017.
I’m sure there is a reason for adjusting/ not adjusting. Just go play and have fun. Forget about weather you get adjusted or not. I played horrible but had a lot of fun, met new players and hope to see them again next year. Thumbs up to the world AM for having this tournament with all that is going on with Cov-19

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