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John Decatur

That sucks that you all had to experience those two horrible conditioned courses and they are part of the same facility. Scott is famous for saying if they are a dues paying member of our organization and want to participate in the World Am we will allow them. That response is weak at best and the management/board of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday need to wake up and realize they have a fiduciary liability to us as paying customers. We pay a lot of money to play in this tournament, pay hotels, pay for food and support the area. You notice they didn’t put Brian Katrek on one of those dog tracks. They want him playing on the best courses so he can rave about the tournament on his Sirius radio show. I will admit I have been very critical of Crown Park which I have drawn now three times in the past 7 years but I will say it is showing minor improvement, yes it will always be a D course but it was in far better shape than the photos I saw of Lions Paw and Panthers Run. At least Crown Park is far in what they charge for a practice round. I paid it once but won’t pay it again. For the Cats to charge what they are charging they need to face reality. Either fix the courses or sell them or shut them down. The reviews on Golf Now will make sure people stay away from the Cats and it is sad as they were once great courses. Scott as tournament director knew in advance of the horrible conditions of the big cat courses he should of moved the players to a different track. His response is awful at best and he and the owners of the big cats deserve the abuse they are getting by the players. By not addressing the problem shows the ignorance and Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday needs to remember who pays their salaries. Without participants the tournaments don’t exist.

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