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Thank you John the sad thing is also which I was disappointed about was that one of the guys who had multiple birdies and eagles also won $550 in skins and when I paid them out I was busy doing the skins and being a little parched and hydrated I asked them could they just get me a drink. They avoided the question and someone else was generous to buy me a drink while I completed working on the skins. That same person who the $550 then declinec to give me any tip what so ever. Now bear in mind I do not run the skins to get tips and I had many many people who won skins of a much much lesser value slip me I few dollars here and there even buy me a drink I just thought that it was a little bit disheartening that someone would be so arrogant not to think of the person putting their own time in to try and bring a little fun in a side game to the others. That at all I have to say about this matter

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