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Yes, we should have pulled Ocean Ridge. Hindsight is 20/20. We were made aware of the severity on 8/21 at which time we spoke to the courses and they informed us improvements would be made by tournament week. The same way courses can get in bad shape is the same amount of time a course can become brand new. That was not the case here and fault on me for not taking action into my own hands. Even still replacement course availability was doubtful. But to imply we knew and stood idle is not accurate.

The initial topic discussion was that we make the 4 set of courses equal across the board to the best of our ability based on each of our perceived quality. We argue among ourselves for two full days trying to get an equal set for all players while balancing new courses not played by those flights in years past. That’s why it takes two days.

Every year though, host courses drop out and need replacing at the 25th hour and we have to scramble. I remember when Tiger’s Eye took themselves out of the rotation a few years back and it was just days before the event. Thankfully, we found a replacement that time. This year we had 3 courses remove themselves as late as August 14th.

To John in reference to loyalty- you know I know I have a job because of this event, which I am grateful for. But I don’t think you’d be coming back to each event if you didn’t believe we, more often than not, put out a good product and handle the curveballs we get thrown. This year more than ever. Sometimes we miss, no excuses. But I take A LOT of pride in what we were able to do this year and hope we can continue to deliver the best tournament on the planet.

Finding the positive here and think we should talk about a player conditions panel. Get local participants to advise us on current conditions. We cannot be in 80 places at once but we do have you all as a resource. So let’s move forward with constructive feedback, it does not go unnoticed.

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