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Mark Hancock

Scott: As always, thank you for your candor. You guys really work hard and do a great job on the tournament each and every year.

I have played in enough World Ams to know about the ABCD intended rotation and the geographic diversity that you guys try to provide.

My only comment this year is the geographic diversity wasn’t in play as I had to drive to Meadowlands, in North Carolina, Crown Park, in Longs SC (at the NC border), Grande Dunes in North Myrtle Beach, and finally River Club in Litchfield. We stay at the same home on the beach in Surfside, so I had a lot of driving.

As for the quality of my courses, I thought overall they were really good enough though the selection lacked a high quality A (TPC or Caladonia), but I thought the lower courses were in really good shape. I have played on much worse at the World Am than Meadowlands & Crown Park.

Grande Dunes – A-
River Club – B+
Meadowlands – C
Crown Park – C

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