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Denny Burch

Louie, the tourney folks are not out at every course on a given day, so the course pro needs to make the call. This year was tiresome as every course we played was wet and we played it down all 4 days. Two of the courses were not too bad, but two of them were. Farmstead in particular was soaked on Wednesday. Not sure why, but maybe they had a local downpour the night before. In any case, I had mud on EVERY ball all day. It was a shame, as the course was actually in good shape, as it usually is. Lift, clean and place (or drop) should have been in place. In our flight (handicap 9.0 – 9.6) no one broke 80, a rarity for us. These decisions drove up overall scores in our flight, which put us at a disadvantage against other flights who got relief. By disadvantage I mean in the pairs competition. I mentioned this in my survey, and suggested that the courses should lean toward giving relief if the decision is close. The WA advertises itself as a tournament experience, so we should not have to unnecessarily cope with adverse conditions that professionals would never have to deal with.

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