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Tommy Briggs

My opinion is the WA has a difficult decision to make.

The USGA frowns upon Lift, Clean and Place in competitions.

Players do not like to play in soggy conditions and constantly play mud balls.

I do not know the break down between low and high handicappers, I know there are adjustments you can make to play in wet conditions. As long as we all play the same conditions I think whatever decision is made is fair. I do think higher handicappers are not going to have as much fun if they have to make adjustments they may not be familiar with or are comfortable playing with. I think they are going to want L,C&P, lower handicappers I don’t think care as much although we all prefer dry normal course conditions.

There are players who like to “put their hands on the ball” whether it is L,C&P or just rolling the ball around in the fairway. Personally I try to avoid putting my hands on the ball unless it is really bad. I do think because of the pairs competition the WA should require all courses to play the same rules, if it’s L,C&P, then play L,C&P on all courses.

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