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Greg Carr

This year it finally happened to me. Shot a gross 69 on Tuesday at Myrtlewood(Pine Hills) as a 2.5 handicap and got adjusted for the entire week, even Monday’s 82 net 77 at Heritage Club. I asked the young fella at the convention center that if someone shot a bad round on day one then the WA was not really going to allow them to get back in the tourney. He said “yup”!! After 7 years in the WA I thought there would be a little subjectivity involved? Go back to past years and see how a player has performed? I have always had a pretty good round and 3 somewhere between okay and stinkers!! But they do make you feel like a cheater with their actions. The last thing I am is a cheater. Maybe I should have signed up for the Sr Gross division, but this was my first year in the 50+ and wanted to play it as I had the previous years. By the way, my last two scores were complete stinkers, mostly by my own hand….but feel the committee had a hand in it some too. IF I decide to return it will definitely be in the Gross division, to at least take my fate out of a computer and the committee’s (Yup) hands. Poor showing WA. And Sea Trail Byrd was a disaster!! Would be embarrassed if I was the pro but he could’ve cared less.

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