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Bob Newman

Scott, I really think that you and your staff do a great job with the tournament. You catch a lot of grief on the DQ’s because golfers do not understand the USGA system and how the computer picks the ones shooting career rounds. If the home courses would do a better job insuring the members had tru handicaps, it would help y’all. As far as the courses, I have said for several years that your associations pro do not treat y’all fairly in reporting the condition of their courses. You do not have enough staff to verify each course nor should it be your obligation. It should be some system that cost the clubs some money when they present themselves to be playable and then you get feedback that they are not. I enjoy this tournament but no one should’ve been on the cats and they should be ashamed of themselves for presenting their courses as playable. I will never play them again even if it is for free.

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