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Raymond Blank

Welcome to my world my friend. 2 years ago I shot a 79 in the 3 rd round a guy with a higher shot a 81 and we both net 64. I got the same as you. The round of my life. Played this year with a 14 HC. Shot 91,91,91,98. Awesome. The last dat there were at least 6 or 8 players that shot under par. The winner and the 2 Nd place shot 80 and 81 and net 66,67. Ok I waited to see what was going to happen. NOTHING. So let’s just go play and let the cards fall as they may, have fun, meet new people, and thank the world AM for all the hard work they do every year and sweep that under the rug. Don’t know about everyone else but I love to go weather I play good or not it’s still a awesome place to play golf andI wish more people would think that way. Again thank’s Mr. Scott

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