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John Decatur

My frustration is Scott and his committee refuse to address the cheaters that know what they are doing and have 5 birdies and a eagle in one round but then purposely miss short putts late in a round or do whatever it takes so they don’t show up on the alogrithm formula they use. I wish I was good enough of a player where I could beat the system and have 5 birdies and a eagle in one round. I can’t remember the last time I had a eagle let alone more than 2 or 3 birdies in one round let alone 5 which I never did. I had 2 eagles in one round once but that was 20 years ago when I could hit drives a long ways. I guess the only way to do that would be to inflate my handicap. Problem is I am too competitive and want to play my best. Since I have returned from Myrtle, I shake my head everyday how the guy that won my Flight #18 had to cheat the system to win $600.00 and a trophy. My only question is why? Did he not get enough love from his parents when he was a child. If it was for the money I would of given him the $600.00 just to not have him play in my flight. I was told he played as a 5 handicap previously and won his flight as a 5 handicap but skipped last years tournament and now he is a 10 handicap this year. I call BS on that and ask how Scott the master of statistics didn’t call him out or adjust him based on previous years handicaps. I am sick of reading people kissing Scott’s butt saying how wonderful he is. I have played in 12 world ams and a combined 13 fall handicaps/March Championship so a total of 25 of their events. Scott seems to DQ a lot of first timers but certain people win their flights many times and they aren’t ever DQ. What are the odds of that, I am sure Scott has statistics on that? Maybe the solution is suck up to Scott and I won’t get a DQ. I hate suck ups and refuse to drink the kool aid. It’s the same with his member clubs, pay your dues and we will let you host a round in the World Am. Maybe he should run statistics on how many years in a row certain golf courses haven’t lived up to par and make them sit out until they can show they have improved. He wants constructive criticism and ideas I offer that as a suggestion. Like others I miss honest comments that Jeff Barbas would provide. I may too get banned but at least it was for being honest. Cheaters never win and I hope karma gets Flight 18 winner and others like him. I played my first senior tournament at my club when I returned from Myrtle, shot a 99 in round one with 44 putts. The second day I shot 83 with 22 putts. Scott probably would of DQ me, I didn’t win any money but my point is the one day I couldn’t make a putt nor could the field and day 2 I played like I should and yes both scores were posted. I have over 100+ scores posted this year. Quite a range of scores. That is amateur golf.

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