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John Decatur

Let me begin by saying Tommy, I never said or alleged that Scott was involved in anything unethical and once again Tommy you are being corrected by another person on these forums. Do you think it is odd that numerous people correct your inaccurate comments and you are the only one that is corrected constantly I talk facts the guy that won my flight this year in 2017 won his flight by 11 shots that year and wasn’t DQ then either. He led every round, the facts are their for you to see. You constantly spew crap about the USGA that’s great. I play in the tournament because I have met many friends over the years and I enjoy seeing them and I love the area as I graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 1992 and spent 4 years of my life in Myrtle Beach.
Looking at past results you have won more than once is that why you chose to attack me with inaccurate statements.
I have made my point clear Scott has chosen not to respond which is typical when he can’t stand the heat or knows the truth.

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