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John – I’ve never said the system is perfect. No need to suck up to me. Based on your words to me the past few weeks I know you don’t intend to which is not an issue. I just ask you be courteous.

Anyways, we have a committee for all decisions. Me nor any one person is wielding any executive power.

I want to reiterate — each time we make the decision to remove (or not to remove) someone from the event there is a corresponding debate because it’s a difficult call to make. The mindset – keep it objective. Don’t take it lightly. Do the best with the info we have. We don’t look at past participant or not. I’ve made phone calls to 20+ year players way more often than I’d like.

In situations you bring up the issue is that a handicap is comprised of an adjusted gross score (with ESC). If I don’t require ESC it’s technically irrelevant if I had 9 birdies & 9 doubles. Exaggerated for effect.

Maybe there is a way to find those that fly under the radar but we’ve yet to determine a method that makes sense. Most are more subjective than we are comfortable with. We aren’t pro golfers. We’re bound to miss. If I’m careering it– did I make double on the last because I caved? Or because I was going to get adjusted? I tend to lean the former but that is an obvious debate.

Someone taking a few years off is not fair to use as a case. The handicap index only goes back 1 year itself for Low HI. People get older, worse, shorter in distance. To clarify some misinformation, that player who you mention was a 9 in their ghin, we just placed them at a 7 the year after winning their flight as an 8.6 (not a 5). FWIW he also finished in near last place that year we made him a 7 based on data we had. To be a 10 this year is no big deal even if we did look at that data. For everyone’s sake we, and fellow players shouldn’t assume wrongdoing by a person.

I guess the overall point being we look at a LOT of data and utilize a lot of data. But some things aren’t able to be dissected properly without making assumptions, like ‘throwing shots’.

Lastly, the only people who ever get banned from this Board are for misuse, not a poor opinion of the event. We can handle differing opinions. Sorry for the lengthy post just writing out thoughts as they came to my head.

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