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Mike Sigmon

Hey Tommy,
Yea thanks for the info….I looked at that on Tue. 12/15 but it had not been updated was still showing the total from Dec. 7…I’m planning on playing but like last year we have a meeting that I have to be at on Monday March 15 with several others but as of right now I haven’t been able to get it changed ( waiting one one person that’s on Vacation to let me know if he can change his schedule ) but hope to get it moved to the week before just didn’t want all the spots to get taken before I knew something and I can not get in same thing happen to me last year…Just hate to sigh up and have to cancel if others can’t move there schedules around for me…I should know Wed. 12/23 or before if I can moved it to the week before or not…

Just looks like they are a little slow on doing the update for current participants on the page isn’t like the world AM where we have a running counter LOL…

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