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Tommy Briggs

The “review” has to take place after each round, any adjustments have to be made after each round. I do agree everyone should be allowed to play all four rounds.

A player who is “in the hunt” wants to know where they stand going into each round, and even as the round is progressing. If you wait till all rounds are complete, a player in contention might take some chances he would not normally because he thinks he needed to gain some shots on the leader. Those risk / reward shots could cost him a couple of shots. Meanwhile Player C comes from behind and overtakes them both after the adjustments and the lost shots.

Frequently when I am in contention at a tournament I base shot decisions on whether I am protecting a lead or trying to gain on the leader. I won my flight last year and I played on the final day with the person who was in second place, throughout the round I adjusted my shot selection based on what the other player did.

In addition If I am in contention and I am going to be adjusted I want to know immediately so I know how to play the remaining rounds, and where I actually stand not where I think I stand.

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