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Tommy Briggs

I am not trying to be critical of anyone who feels they have encountered a course where the conditions warranted L,C&P. I agree 100% there is a time and a place for lift, clean and cheat. BUT, there is a reason WHY it is called Lift, Clean and CHEAT. I oppose it because it gives a golfer the option to move a ball from the rough to the fairway, or from behind a tree to the fairway, or from on a root to away from a root, or from a divot to a lush lie, or from the edge of the green to on the green, on and on, and I completely disagree with it for those reasons.
I honestly think a lot of this conversation is dependent on the golfer, a low handicapper is not going to be as bothered by the things brought up. Personally I would much rather play an entire round of golf with grass clippings or mud on my ball than in a steady rain. I know how to compensate for mud on my ball, I know how to hit a shot sitting down in the rough, a higher handicapper could be stymied by those situations.
I said before the equalizer to all of these things is; the whole field is playing the same course, regardless of the conditions, if they suck for you, they suck for everyone. You may not like playing with mud on your ball, but neither is anyone else in the field, and any condition you run into repeatedly is going to affect every other golfer in the field.
I just personally think lift, clean and cheat should be avoided whenever possible for the reasons I listed above.

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