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Tommy Briggs

Jim since the subject was L,C&P, I said the ball must be marked when it is lifted DURING a L,C&P exception. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.
Again I realize L,C&P has a place when it is reasonable, reasonable meaning closely mown areas and a scorecard relief. I once played in a tourney where they announced a scorecard relief and a player took a tri-fold scorecard and unfolded it and used the long length to take his relief. Moving a ball from the rough onto the putting collar is common, and again unless it is spelled out I have seen many players move a ball from the rough or the collar onto the green.
When taking relief from an unplayable lie, the ball must be marked before lifted, this is another common rule players don’t follow. Often a player determines the nearest point of relief is the best lie they can find closest to where their ball is even if it is outside of two club lengths.
By the way I play in Florida, FSGA events, and I am a course rater with Gary Donat. I am sure you have officiated some events I have played in.

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