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Jim Kavanagh

I live near Jax and work mostly in the area from Daytona to Amelia Island. I have worked with Gary at state finals as he is usually the head of communications for those events.

Actually the player does not have to mark a ball to take relief for an unplayable lie. The rule only states that the ball must be dropped within the relief area. It is a good idea to mark it, and most tournament players do so without thinking, but it is not required.

It is legal to mov e a ball from rough to fairway and from rough to fringes of greens as that is all considered general area. The green of the hole you are playing, though, as well as tee areas, penalty areas, and bunkers are separate and not considered general area.

As you know, the FSGA seldom uses LCP as they prefer to mimic the USGA in everything, but sometimes we have to do it. We had a US Open local qualifier last year in which we had to mark some bunkers GUR due to water. And the Temporary water standard has changed also. Previously, the player could claim water if he saw it while setting up. Now he must see it after he finishes taking his stance and it must remain visible. Seems like a petty rule change but I have had several instances of upset players when they couldn’t get out of a poor lie.

Let me know if you enter anything in my area. Maybe I could join you in a practice round.

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