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Tommy Briggs

Jim I was born and raised in Jax Beach, lived in Miami for quite a few years and I have been in Tallahassee for the last three years. I am playing a few of the One-day events in your area, including Monday at Deerwood, and most of the Amelia Island courses. I still attempt to qualify or play in some of the Men’s Championship events, but after my fair share of back surgeries my game does not hold up as well as it once did.

Unless I misunderstood, if you declare a ball unplayable, and you do not or cannot take back-on-the-line relief, and choose not to replay the shot, I was sure to establish the “reference Point” you have to mark the ball, if you intend to take lateral relief. That was my point, players hit a ball under a bush and just pick it up and measure two club lengths from the edge of the bush, (regardless of the size of the bush), not where the ball lay. In fact I remember several occasions where two clubs would not take you out of a “unplayable” area or would force you to drop into another unplayable lie, and you would have to drop and then re-drop. Am I mistaken?

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